Monday, November 05, 2012

Provo Canyon Sasquatch sighting - stabilized, slowed and zoomed.

First off, I will state that I am what I call a Sasquatch 'Hopeful'. I am as skeptical as the next guy but it would make my year if one was caught (humanely hopefully) and or some great great close up video not shaky and 100% irrefutable.

With that said, I saw this morning that there was some new video from two guys camping in Provo Canyon in Utah. I pulled the video and did some stabilizing, slowing and zooming to get a good look at what the two guys saw. I'm about 80-20 on this video. 80 being believable and 20 being not-so-much.
The 'Sasquatch' looks good as far as behavior, body proportions (arm length).

The 20 that makes me skeptical is that it appears to be late Fall, a little snow on the ground (seen when guys are running) so I'd have to assume it's pretty cool if not cold and the guys don't seem to be dressed for the cold. I say that without actually know the temp and/or the exact time of the year or the situation. It's just a thought I developed after watching the clip about a dozen times. Otherwise, it looks pretty good.

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