Friday, August 24, 2012

Hot Bag of Sketti

Credit goes to Daniel Dennis and Tom "Drunky" Vann for coming up the much-wished-for carnival food: Hot Bag of Sketti.

It kind of works best to portion and cut up the sketti. I also added two all beef hotdogs (cut up of course) for protein.

Here is the spaghetti, sauce and hot dogs in the bag before mixing.
After mixing. Note: adding parmasen cheese makes the mixing take longer. Next time I'll mix it all in a big mixing bowl then bag it up.
Later that night on break at work.
Sitting, feet up, enjoying. As you see, I chose to use a spoon.

Overall, this works! Pre-mixing will be the way I do it from now on, other than that it is a great way to take along some delicious and tasty food. Thanks Dan & Tom! Thanks for stopping by,

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