Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Are those sirens I hear?

I am on call this week and had the opportunity to field a problem ticket that involved a printer in Florida not printing Job Control Documents (Much need docs for the dept down there).
Our process builds and spools the documents. Two hours of research on our side showed everything was OkyDoky. The ticket went from a priority 2 to a full-fledged PRIORITY ONE!! A company-wide (for the top players that is) notification goes out.
When I got the person on the phone that was my point of contact in Florida I asked if everything was plugged in and on ("Are the lights on where you are"? sort of thing). I was assured everything was in proper order. I had to ask since we are dealing with machines that run on electricity.
Long story short... the network cable from the printer to the wall plug was a bit loose and needed plugged in and replaced really. A huge todo over an unlugged printer, I love it.

Be strong, think for yourself, think inside the box.


Thursday, May 05, 2005


Today was all about finishing up the last few touches on my final application for the big project. It was a very beautiful day and hard to stay inside. I followed CN to drop off his vehicle for some auto glass replacement and brought him back to work. Today was the meet at the buffet restaurant for a baby shower for J&C F. We ate and had presents, did I mention we ate? The rest of the day we all tried to stay awake which really wasn't that hard considering.
The boss is gone tomorrow and Monday, cubeville will be rocking!! Actually we'll all be working very hard.

Here is what I'm using for my wallpaper:
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Till next time, Keep it real and think inside the box.


Tuesday, May 03, 2005

He's back, It's back and new blood

Aragorn has returned. Our three positions have been filled. An old guy came back, we are getting a transfer from another part of our company and another is coming from outside the company. I can't wait to see what happens over the next month. the dynamics are going to be interesting.
I've just passed the 88% mark on my last application on a big project. Today is Tuesday, or atleast it was 30 minutes ago, and I promised boss that I would be done with it by Friday.
Things are going pretty well in the cube I had a bit of a depressor yesterday but new news today sorted things out a bit. The 30 second DAT/JOB FTP delay will either go in later this month or not at all, I've heard both. I've got full support of the test team and they say when things go in. Besides, one of them is coming to our team. 6 hours and 19 minutes till I'm back in the box, better go.