Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Server 2003 not servin'

I have been tasked to get a backup up server going for our production box. It was all supposed to be so easy. The server has been up and running for the last year and it's just sitting there. I could NOT get this thing to serve up the home page of a web site for the life of me. I had to install the .Net framework which is supposed already be part of the OP System. MS Server 2003 comes with the new IIS version 6.0, YeeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaw!!
Well, I tried everything and pulled a couple of people in on it. The decision was made to reload the OP System and start afresh. I just can't have anything Nice. This SUCKED!! I hope that it goes better after the reload.

Here is the Wallpaper I'm using on my computer at work.

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