Monday, December 19, 2011

Update / Refresh network media folders for PS3 streaming

Problem: You put new files (music / video / whatever) in your 'shared-media' folder on a networked PC in your home, then you go to your PS3 to play them streaming over the network and they are not in the folder(s) you set up.

Solution: On the PC you are using as a media server you simply need to fire up Media Player (11 or 12, I forget) and let it go through it's discovery and refresh the 'Library'. All should be good.

This is all based on you having everything else set up and working and only having the folder refresh issue. It seems like Media Player has the final say as to what is currently available from the PS3's point of view. Look at like a restaurant menu. If you put new items up for sale, you have to redo the menu don't you and that is what firing up Media Player does.

Hope it works for you, worked for me.

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