Thursday, April 21, 2005

Yabba Dabba Do !!

I was hauled in the office yesterday. The news turned out not to be so bad although I was a little nervous for just a second. I was tasked with putting in a 30 second delay between two FTP jobs so that the first file has a nice long chance of getting settled on the UNIX box before the second file gets there. The second file showing up is what triggers the processing of the first file. I was told to get it on the test box ASAP and get it tested. After a little bit of research I found the code "System.Threading.Thread.Sleep(30000);". I compiled my application and sent the .dll's to the test box and alerted the tester. It worked like a champ. This sounds like nothing but the program I had to change is very complicated to test. I ended up having a tester test it on the Dev box.

All's well that ends well.

Think for yourself, Think inside the box.


Tuesday, April 19, 2005

He's Baaack !

The three positions we have for our team are now just two positions. We are getting a fellow back that left the company about 6 months ago, we'll call him WoolahKulee. He will be a 'welcome-back' addition to the team. He is the senior hire with just two junior positions left to fill. Things are happy around the isle. He actually called during our Monday staff meeting. Our boss's cell phone rang, he looked at it and left the room saying that he had to take the call. It was WoolahKulee calling to accept the offer that was offered. He'll be back in two weeks. Big geek news in the big geek world.

Look out for yourself, think inside the box.


Saturday, April 16, 2005

New blood's a coming

Three backfills to come and we couldn't be more excited. One is to be a Senior position and the other two should be just like me: under paid and under important. The project flow has been going well. I just handed off the on call pager yesterday. It was a really quiet week. There were a few tickets opened up Friday morning right after Friday morning doughnuts. We got those handled in short order and the pager handed off by Noon and all was well.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

The old man is snoring, that's for sure. It be a very rainy Tuesday. In the good land of cubicles I have put to bed another application. A few last DB logging tweaks and some TabIndicies I'm feeling pretty good. A dupe app and a report app to go and we'll be shipshape by the test date.

Monday, April 11, 2005

...and another thing...

Can the true nature of man (or woman) be fully revealed from within the bounds of a pale blue steelcase cubicle. Nowhere have I seen or have found people stuck (by their own free will) in a box and behaving normally, let alone being happy and productive. It has been said by many a comedian: How can they expect you to think outside the box when you are in one all day?
My point is this: the cubicle is a non-creative space in my opinion. I would rather be locked away in an office with a door and walls that go all the way to the ceiling. Walls that only go up high enough to block your site but not high enough to afford you any real privacy is a bit maddening. It is like you are being teased. You can't see your neighbor but you can sure as hell hear him/her breath and chew and hear everything they say on the phone. Gross!
But all is not lost, when I leave work I can actually feel my soul ease back into my body as I drive out of the parking lot heading home to the reasons why I go to my box Monday through Friday.

Staff Meeting

Today's staff meeting was delayed by 30 minutes. It left me with a little more time to... you know, get stuff done. I worked on some things and got them done.

Help, they walled me in....

It is only 7 hours 19 minutes and 20 seconds until I will be back in my cubicle wearing out my keyborad a few 1000 keystrokes at a time. Until then my friends...