Monday, May 17, 2010

Mother's Day Eve - 2010

We went shopping the night before Mother's Day last week. Here is my son posing next to one of the many "Jane Doe" sculptures spread around town.
Yes, my son is in his baseball uniform and it is later in the evening. Funny thing... the way that this day worked out was it was so dang busy that my wife and I got to running around all crazy-like and at one point my son was set to get picked up from a church activity and go to his game. He decided to skip the game and stay at the activity but kept his uniform on all day and night. I wish I was still a kid in a baseball uniform. He had a fun day.
Oh, by the way, we bought 'Pork Rib Eyes' and I grilled them the next day. They were a little beyond AWESOME !!!!

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