Monday, May 24, 2010

Last day of school and weekend

Starting Friday May 21, my kids are out of school for the summer.

Saturday night at our friends house: My daughter riding the little 70cc motorbike.

Same bike, with my son riding. He was killing it, once he got the hang of it he was on it for 15 minutes making great turns (after one turn that included a privacy fence bump) and a little hot-dogging.

Friday night... Famous Daves !! Oh yeah!

Friday after I picked up my son from school (my daughter went home with a friend and spent the night) we went down to the river front. My son rides his bike while I shoot video and take photos. This night I was practicing shooting video with my new Nikon D5000.

Here is my son's school with all the kids lined up for the 6th graders to make their walk to all the applause. It was kind of touching.

My son right before the 6th graders walk.

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