Monday, May 17, 2010


The other night we were at my son's baseball game when a friend of ours came over and talked with us, my wife went to school with his wife, they're BFF's.
He was on his way home to gear up and take his kids out the the Platte River and drop some catfish lines. He invited my son and I to go along, we did.
To make the story short, it was a wonderful evening and it all worked out great.

Below is a picture from the river bank a little bit after we got there.

Here is nearly the same shot just after dark, if you look close you can tell that the lower bright light in the center of the photo is the moon showing crecsent and a planet (we were guessing Venus) above and to the right. The photo does not portray the amazing-ness of seeing it in person. The rest of the moon (the dark part) was really dark red. At one point my son said "I've never seen so many stars", I've told my kids that we need to get away from the city light and get to the middle of nowhere sometime so they can see just how many stars there are to see.

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