Tuesday, April 12, 2005

It's Raining, It's Pouring...

The old man is snoring, that's for sure. It be a very rainy Tuesday. In the good land of cubicles I have put to bed another application. A few last DB logging tweaks and some TabIndicies I'm feeling pretty good. A dupe app and a report app to go and we'll be shipshape by the test date.

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evey_j said...

Hiya Joe,

There really isn't any way of thinking outside the box if you are in one. I like your blog...straight to the point. Unlike myself, I seem to babble on. But anyway, I'm not even lucky enough to have a box! I am part of an open-plan office which is probably worse than only hearing your neighbour because in my case, I can actually see and hear them. Ugh! And if you've read my blog, Shitty McFartens (not a real name, I'm sure you figured that out) is only an arm's length away from me, so I suppose it would be easy to stick one of my stilettos in her eye? hehe

Keep writing, keep reading,
Evey xx (the shoe addict)