Monday, April 11, 2005

...and another thing...

Can the true nature of man (or woman) be fully revealed from within the bounds of a pale blue steelcase cubicle. Nowhere have I seen or have found people stuck (by their own free will) in a box and behaving normally, let alone being happy and productive. It has been said by many a comedian: How can they expect you to think outside the box when you are in one all day?
My point is this: the cubicle is a non-creative space in my opinion. I would rather be locked away in an office with a door and walls that go all the way to the ceiling. Walls that only go up high enough to block your site but not high enough to afford you any real privacy is a bit maddening. It is like you are being teased. You can't see your neighbor but you can sure as hell hear him/her breath and chew and hear everything they say on the phone. Gross!
But all is not lost, when I leave work I can actually feel my soul ease back into my body as I drive out of the parking lot heading home to the reasons why I go to my box Monday through Friday.

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