Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Farewell Mr. Jobs

Computers are huge part of my life today. When I was young I could not imagine how ingrained computing would be in all our lives on the daily basis that it is. I remember tapping away at the computer in the public library 'cutting code' for a random number generator that mimicked the roll of a dice following example code in a magazine. I think the magazine was called 'Basic', I could be wrong.
Today I am a Software Developer and a video editor by hobby. I've got my hands on a computer keyboard sometimes the majority of the day. It is amazing how exponential computing has grown in such a relatively short amount of time. Equally amazing is how personalized these devices has become in our lives and how embraced they are. Men like Steve Jobs are (were) responsible for the computing revolution. The Apple corporation will not fail or go under. I cannot help but think Steve Jobs instilled enough of his vision through his leadership into the company for that to happen.

Photo courtesy of Apple corporation.

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Chris in HD said...

Nicely put Pat... I wrote a similar, if shorter, piece on my blog at

Ali said...

Hi, I ran across an old post on a thread on fstoppers that you had left, about taking HD video on a nikon d500? I have a nikon d5000, and I can't for the LIFE of me figure out how to get take a good quality video with it. I am completely clueless. The video you had on the fstoppers is the quality I want to get. I keep messing with the settings, and still get a cruddy pixelated fuzzy video. How did you do it? Am I missing any settings? I appreciate all of your help and advice.