Thursday, February 28, 2013

Musky Allen interviewed by Jeff Anderson and Jack Barnes

I've said it before, I am a 'Sasquatch Hopeful'. The Patterson-Gimlin film was shot the year I was born, no, Patty is not my Mom. Since I was a child I've been intensely interested in Sasquatch (I prefer Sasquatch over Bigfoot). To make a long story short; a field researcher named Rick Dyer has allegedly shot and killed a Sasquatch and has the body in a secure facility near LasVegas. He invited a guy named Musky Allen to come and have a look at the body. The interview is Jeff Anderson asking Musky Allen questions about what he saw when he was allowed 20 minutes to view the Sasquatch body. I hope beyond hope that this is not another hoax (Rick Dyer perpetrated a hoax in 2008) and we all get to see video or pictures of this creature soon. My opinion is that it will happen within 1 1/2 years after the kill date which was sometime in September 2012. If it is another hoax, danggit! If not, I will be so happy, not that one had to be killed, but that the mystery of the Sasquatch will come to an end. Enjoy.

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