Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I would love to work for Google...

I just watched about 10 videos on YouTube on different Google workplaces. Result: I would love to work for Google. I am a Software Developer and have been one for quite a while. I really like what I do and I feel we use cutting edge products and technologies but Google takes it further than the rest. Besides the cool workplace, the cool people and the good food; what really turns me on about Google is the environment of ideas. I think I come up with pretty good ideas but I don't fool myself thinking they are all great but I know some are. I love sharing my ideas with people, getting feedback, but it would be level 4 cool if once in a while if one took off. Sorry for sounding like a 5th grader writing a book report. 
Go to YouTube and check out a few videos on Google, start with "Google Datacenter" and there will be plenty of suggested video off to the side there. It's interesting to see the hardware and the people behind the scenes of the 'internet' or at least Google's part of it.

I don't know where this workplace is, after all... I just Googled the image and now you're looking at it.

This is a room at a Google workplace in Zurich Switzerland. I could hang in here.

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