Monday, June 20, 2011

Nike Skills Challenge & Nike Fieldhouse

I just finished up shooting video at the Nike Fieldhouse here in Omaha just 2 blocks away from the College World Series (CWS). I hooked up with a local photographer who was hired by these guys working for Nike. Today is Monday. It started last Wednesday at a baseball field in Ralston NE (Orval Smith Field) where the Skills Challenge took place. Then when the CWS started Saturday the 18th, the Nike Fieldhouse opened up in a retail space just two blocks from the TD Ameritrade Park, the new home for the CWS, I shot video for 2 hours on Sat, Sun and today (Mon) all to make clips for a 2 minute internal promo video for the guys that ran the Nike thing here in Omaha.
Right now it's 10:00 and I just got done capturing video off two Mini DV Tapes. I'll probably edit tomorrow for it is bedtime.
I have to say it was fun to a point but today, the video session ran into some other things I had to do and I had to push them back to tomorrow when I could have got them done today. It's fun to do what you love and when you can make some money at it, why not? But since last Wednesday till today I discovered where my 'line' is when it comes to working for someone else.

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