Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The name of this fine morning is Tuesday. The last few days have been cloudy and cool. I spent the last 2 hours of yesterday's work day working in the rain and cold (I could see my breath). Today and the next few days are supposed to be much better.
In just a few short days we are having the occasionally-annual garage sale for the Church kids summer camp. My garage is packed with donations from people. Our main floor is pretty stuffed as well. This Saturday will be just about the busiest day of the year. I'm also starting a video-taping contract with a local promotional firm that runs every Saturday through October. That same day we have the Sale (lots of set up), video taping, drum lesson, baseball pictures, baseball game and I'm working the snack shack at the baseball field for 2 hours before the baseball game. Whew !!!

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